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How to handle the chicken chicken manure

DATE : Oct 14th, 2022
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There are too many farmers to raise chicken dung, which is currently a hot topic. We have a daily edible chicken eggs to produce a large amount of chicken manure, especially in large-scale chicken farms. How to use chicken manure reasonably using chicken farm.

Agricultural household chicken feces too much how to learn chicken manure treatment method reasonable secondary use

Chicken manure organic fertilizer In normal case, completely fermentation requires 4 ~ 6 months, so that it can be fully fermented. After use, there will be no root of roots. Many farmers believe that after one or two months, it is not bad for the use of basic fertilizer. It can be used in a slight fermentation. In fact, it is incorrect. After administration, the chicken manure can also ferment, exude a lot of ammonia gas Resulting in root damage.

Agricultural household chicken chicken manure too much how to learn chicken manure treatment method reasonable secondary use

If you let chicken manure, you need to be forty-five months in advance. Performing sufficient decomposing, in the decomposing process, will definitely have a certain impact on the environment, and if the time is not properly arranged, it will miss the sowing time, can’t be used in the base fertilizer.

Agricultural household chicken dung too much how to learn chicken manure treatment method reasonable secondary use

Chicken manure organic fertilizers fermenter equipment use aerobic microbial aerobic fermentation The principle is made of organic fertilizer processing, so that the microbial uses the organic matter, residual protein, etc. in the body, and the residual protein, etc., rapidly reproducing, so that the organic fertilizer processing of livestock waste is achieved in a certain temperature, humidity and sufficient oxygen environment Harmless treatment.

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