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Russia customer ordered one thermophilic and aerobic compost tank in August 8, 2020

DATE : May 2nd, 2023
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Project Name:High temperature aerobic fermentation tank

Daily handling capacity:8-12m³

Project Location: Russia

Daily output:4-5m³

Floor area:65 m²

Including major equipment:11FFG-102 Fermenters, conveyor tracks, deodorisation unit

All equipment has been installed and put into use, solving the problem of manure treatment for the customer and producing organic fertiliser for sale locally, in return for more money to expand production.


1、Efficient waste treatment: High temperature fermenters can quickly degrade organic waste and promote the growth and activity of microorganisms, thus efficiently treating large amounts of waste.

2、Reduced environmental pollution: Through the treatment of high temperature fermenters, organic waste can be effectively decomposed, reducing environmental pollution from waste accumulation and landfill.

3、Producing high quality fertiliser: The fermentation process in the HTF converts organic waste into high quality organic fertiliser, which is rich in nutrients and has a good improvement effect on the soil.

4、Improved resource utilisation efficiency: By treating organic waste through high temperature fermenters, the recycling of waste into resources is achieved, maximising resource utilisation efficiency.

5、Environmentally friendly: The high temperature fermenter operation reduces the emission of odours and harmful gases, while reducing the production of greenhouse gases, making it an environmentally friendly waste treatment technology.

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